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Why Planetware: Join the Planetware Revolution

Welcome to Planetware, where we’re brewing up a greener future one cup at a time! We’re all about enjoying your favourite beverages while taking care of our planet. If you’re wondering why you should choose Planetware, we’ve got some fantastic reasons to share.

  • Staying Sustainable

    We place a strong emphasis on sustainability in our product designs by utilising PEFC®-certified paperboard featuring an advanced barrier coating. Our dedication to promoting a greener environment is clear as we avoid PE and PLA materials, we also steer clear of aqueous coatings, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

  • Home Compostable

    Our cups are designed to be fully home compostable, not just industrially compostable. So, when it's time for them to say goodbye, you can toss them into your own compost pile, and they'll return to the earth without causing any harm to our planet.

  • Recyclable

    Our cups are easily recyclable. Once you've had your coffee fix, just toss your cup into the recycling bin, and it can be transformed into various recycled products. It's a small act with a big impact on our environment.

  • Made In Britain

    We're proud to say that all of our products are made right here in Britain. Why does this matter? Well, it means we're reducing those pesky air miles, helping to lower our carbon footprint, and supporting local businesses. Choosing Planetware means you're contributing to a greener future not just with your cup but with your choice.

Why Planetware: More About Planetware

At Planetware, we’re not your average cup manufacturers. We’re rewriting the story of quality and responsibility. Our vision is to craft a sustainable future where exceptional products and environmental consciousness effortlessly blend together. Our cups are a testament to our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and a greener future.

We craft our cups from PEFC®-certified, responsibly sourced virgin paperboard. This dedication to sustainability is not just about a label; it’s about making a real impact. Our barrier coating technology redefines the possibilities, creating a future where quality and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re leak-proof and meet global food safety standards. When you choose Planetware, you’re choosing quality and safety, wrapped up in an eco-friendly package.

Why Planetware: Why Choose Planetware:

So, why should you choose Planetware? It’s simple, really.

We’re not just about making cups; we’re about making a difference. By choosing our recyclable, and compostable cups, you’re making a small change that has a massive impact. You’re reducing waste, promoting a circular economy, and giving back to the earth – all while enjoying your favourite drinks.

Plus, when you opt for Planetware, you’re supporting a brand that’s proudly made in Britain, reducing air miles, and helping local businesses thrive.

We invite you to join us in leading the sustainability charge. It’s more than a cup; it’s a revolution. The cutting-edge technology brings simplicity and sustainability together, offering hassle-free cups that are loaded with eco-friendly features.

The switch to Planetware cups is easy, but the impact is incredible. So, let’s raise our eco-friendly cups to a greener, tastier, and more responsible future. Your planet and your taste buds will thank you!

Why Planetware: Sustainable Cups

Get your hands on our sustainable cups and make a positive impact! Support the planet, satisfy your customers, and enhance your business with our certified range of recyclable, and compostable cups*.


What makes Planetware's cups eco-friendly?

Planetware cups are eco-friendly due to their recyclable and home compostable nature. We prioritise sustainability in every aspect of our cup production.

Are Planetware cups only for businesses, or can individuals purchase them too?

Our cups are available to both businesses and individuals. Whether you need them for your café, office, or personal use, you can enjoy the benefits of eco-conscious cups.

How do I customise Planetware cups with my brand's logo or design?

Customising Planetware cups is easy. You can work with our team to create a unique look for your cups that aligns with your brand identity.

What is the environmental impact of using Planetware cups compared to traditional disposable cups?

Choosing Planetware cups helps reduce plastic waste, promotes a circular economy, and supports sustainability throughout the supply chain, actively contributing to a greener future.

What sets Planetware apart from other cup manufacturers?

Planetware stands out for its commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and being proudly made in Britain. Our focus on being home compostable, not just industrially compostable, is another significant difference.

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