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Cold Cups: Planetware Cold Cups

Planetware Cold Cups are the best of style and sustainability in one package. Our range of robust cups is not only a stylish statement but also a responsible choice for those who care about the environment.


Cold Cups: Cold Cups For Any Occasion

Planetware Cold Cups are the perfect choice for a variety of occasions.

  • Festivals – Perfect for enjoying cool beverages in style at festivals and outdoor events.
  • Events – Enhance your event with sustainable and stylish drinkware.
  • Fast food establishments – Provide a responsible choice for your eco-conscious customers.

Cold Cups: Sustainability At Planetware

Sustainability is our mission at Planetware. We design our products to help you live greener and support our precious planet, one cup at a time.

  • Responsible – Our Cold Cups reduce environmental impact due to their environmentally friendly design, ensure an eco-conscious experience.
  • Recyclable – Our cups can be easily recycled after you’ve enjoyed your drink, thus reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.
  • Compostable – Sustainability is at the forefront of our design process, heavily informing each finished product. Our cups are fully compostable, allowing them to return to the earth without inflicting environmental harm.
  • Made In Britain – All of our products are proudly made here in Britain, contributing to a greener future by reducing air miles.

Join the Planetware revolution and help us reduce single-use plastics, landfill waste and ocean litter. By choosing Planetware, you’re taking a simple yet impactful step towards a more sustainable future.


Cold Cups: Sizes To Suit Every Sip

What is your idea of the perfect cup size? Planetware Cold Cups come in various sizes to meet your wants and needs.

  • 8oz – Ideal for a quick, cool refreshment.
  • 12oz – The perfect size for your favourite iced beverages.
  • 16oz – For larger than life drinks.

No matter which size you choose, you can enjoy your cold drink in style and be confident that you’re making an environmentally responsible choice.


Where Can I Buy Planetware Cold Cups?

Our products are available via Purple Planet Packaging.

Are PlanetwareCups Compostable?

Yes, our cups are fully compostable, which means that they decompose naturally and help enrich the soil with nutrients. You can enjoy your cold beverage while minimising your environmental impact.

Are Planetware Cups Made In Britain?

We are proud to say that all of our products are made in Britain. We are passionate about reducing air miles and supporting local businesses at the same time.

How To Dispose Of Your Cup?

There are several ways to ensure your cup is disposed of in a responsible and eco-friendly way.

Work, School, or Other - Cup collection bins can be found in many schools, workplaces and other establishments. Alternatively, consult your local waste provider for guidance or find the nearest recycling point online.

Out And About - As well as dedicated cup collection bins, there are over 5,000 paper cup recycling points across the UK.

At Home - Take your Planetware Cold Cups to a cup collection point, recycle them, or compost them. In doing so, you are conserving vital resources and returning nutrients to the earth.

By choosing to recycle or compost, you're making a positive impact and supporting a more sustainable future.

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Indulge in your cold drinks while making a stylish and sustainable statement. Click here to buy your cups now. If you have any further questions or inquiries, you can also get in touch via phone or email using the details provided below.

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