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Half Pint and Pint Cups: Planetware Festival Cups

Planetware pint and half-pint cups are your festival-friendly and event-ready companions. These UKCA-certified cups are both sustainable and attractive, tailored to meet your unique needs. With the option of customisability for eye-catching brand awareness, our sustainably crafted Festival Cups make a positive impact on the environment and infuse fun into every event.


Half Pint and Pint Cups: Festival Cups For Any Occasion

Planetware Festival Cups are versatile and designed to enhance your customers’ experience. They are ideal for a wide range of settings, including:

  • Festivals – Have fun without worrying about the environment with our eco-conscious cups.
  • Travel hubs – Provide sustainable options for travellers on the go.
  • Fast food establishments – Serve your drinks responsibly while soaking up the festival atmosphere.
  • Pubs – Offer your patrons a sustainable and stylish drinking experience at your next Oktoberfest.
  • Events – Enhance your event with eco-friendly drinkware.
    Caterers – Make a responsible choice for your eco-conscious clients.

Half Pint and Pint Cups: Sustainability At Planetware

If you want to make a difference towards a greener world, do it one cup at a time by choosing sustainable cups from Planetware.

  • Responsible – Our Festival Cups are designed to reduce environmental impact and ensure an eco-friendly experience.
  • Recyclable – Easily recycle your Planetware cups rather than sending them to landfill. When we work together we can minimise waste and build a circular economy.
  • Compostable – Our cups are also fully compostable, ensuring they return to the earth sustainably, without harming it.
  • Made In Britain – Reducing air miles is just one of the ways we’re helping contribute to a greener future. Our products are all made here in Britain.

Join the Planetware revolution and help us reduce single-use plastics, landfill waste and ocean waste. By choosing Planetware, you’re making a difference by creating a more sustainable future for our planet.


Half Pint and Pint Cups: Sizes To Suit Every Sip

Planetware Festival Cups come in two sizes:

  • 10oz – Perfect for a refreshing pit stop.
  • 20oz – Double the size, perfect for festival life, making time for more dancing and less queuing.

No matter which size you choose, you can raise a toast to sustainability and a positive impact on the environment.


Where Can I Buy Planetware Festival Cups?

You can find our pint and half-pint cups at Purple Planet Packaging.

What Does UKCA Certification Mean?

Our pint and half-pint cups are UKCA certified, assuring you of their quality and compliance with the highest standards.

Are Planetware Cups Compostable?

Yes, we design our cups to be fully compostable so that they naturally decompose, enriching the soil with nutrients. Your drink won’t harm the environment if enjoyed from a Planetware cup.

Are Planetware Cups Made In Britain?

They are! By making our products in Britain, we proudly support local businesses and reduce our air miles.

How Do I Dispose Of My Cup?

When it's time to dispose of your cup, you have options to ensure it's done responsibly.

Many organisers and establishments have dedicated cup collection bins and there are over 5,000 paper cup recycling points across the UK. Look for cup collection bins at the venue. If not available, consult your local waste provider for guidance or find the nearest recycling point online.

By choosing to recycle or compost, you're making a positive impact and supporting a more sustainable future.

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Click here to buy your Festival Cups now. Don’t forget, you can make these cups your own, adding a touch of personalisation and raising your brand awareness. To talk through your ideas, or if you have further questions or inquiries, get in touch via phone or email using the details provided below.

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