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Vending Cups: Planetware Vending Cups

Planetware Vending Cups are a versatile choice for vendors. Expertly designed and rigorously tested, these cups are tailored to effortlessly integrate with the latest automated vending technology. Whether a piping hot coffee or an ice-cold beverage, our cups are up to the task, offering a reliable and convenient experience.


Vending Cups: Vending Cups For Any Occasion

Planetware Vending Cups are designed to cater to a variety of settings and to be both reliable and practical. They are ideal for:

  • Caterers – Enhance your catering services with cups that seamlessly integrate into your operation.
  • Vending machines – Provide your customers with a hassle-free and convenient beverage solution.
  • Office settings – Keep the office caffeinated and refreshed with the help of these reliable cups.

Vending Cups: Sustainability At Planetware

We’re making a difference for a greener world, one cup at a time, with our sustainable product designs. Do your bit by choosing Planetware Vending Cups.

  • Responsible – With their eco-conscious design, our cups guarantee an environmentally friendly drinking experience.
  • Recyclable – We’re passionate about reducing waste and contributing to a circular economy, which is why our cups have been designed to be easily recycled.
  • Compostable – Sustainability and positive environmental impact led our design processes, which is why our cups are also fully compostable, allowing them to return to the earth in a positive way.
  • Made In Britain – We are proud of our British-made products, which contribute to a greener future and greatly reduce our air miles.

Join the Planetware revolution and help us reduce single-use plastics, landfill waste and ocean waste. By choosing Planetware, you’re taking a simple yet impactful step towards a more sustainable future.


Vending Cups: Sizes To Suit Every Sip

Planetware Vending Cups come in two sizes to meet your needs:

  • 7oz
  • 9oz – A versatile size for a range of beverages.
  • 12oz – Perfect for those moments when you want a bit more to sip on.

Our versatile cups are suitable for both hot and cold beverages, with a reliable design that’s been rigorously tested for seamless integration with automated vending technology. Whatever your size, our single-wall cups offer a perfect blend of functionality and practicality.


Where Can I Buy Planetware Vending Cups?

Visit the Purple Planet Packaging to place an order.

Are Planetware Cups Compostable?

Our cups are fully compostable, meaning your convenient beverages can be enjoyed without any worry about harming the environment. Compostable cups naturally decompose, contributing to nutrient-rich soil.

Are Planetware Cups Made In Britain?

We simultaneously support local businesses and minimise our air miles by having all of our products made here in Britain.

How Can I Dispose Of My Cups?

When you've finished your beverage, ensure responsible disposal via cup collection bins, which are readily available in a number of establishments. If not available, consult your local waste provider for guidance or find the nearest recycling point online.

By choosing to recycle your cups, you're contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Seamlessly enjoy your favourite beverages with Planetware Vending Cups. Click here to buy your cups now. If you have further questions or inquiries, get in touch via phone or email using the details provided below.

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