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Water Cups: Planetware Water Cups

Planetware Water Cups offer a new standard for an unassuming product. Our exceptional paper cups are crafted with care, offering both quality and sustainability for a boost in hydration.


Water Cups: Water Cups For Any Occasion

Our cups are the ideal choice for a variety of environments, from office spaces to fast food establishments and coffee shops. Designed with both functionality and eco-consciousness in mind, they are perfect for:

  • Office use – Enhance your office space with eco-friendly drinking cups.
  • Fast food establishments – Provide a responsible choice for your eco-conscious customers.
  • Coffee Shops – Complement your hot beverage service with sustainable water cups.

Water Cups: Sustainability At Planetware

Do you share our mission of sustainability? We design our products so that we can all help to build a greener world, one cup at a time.

  • Responsibly Sourced – Our cups are crafted with utmost care and responsibly sourced materials, ensuring they meet high-quality standards.
  • Recyclable – Our cups can be easily recycled once you’re finished with them, reducing waste and supporting a circular economy.
  • Compostable – Sustainability is at the core of our design process. Our water cups are fully compostable, meaning no harm is done to the environment when they return to the earth.
  • Made In Britain – We reduce air miles and contribute to a greener future by having our products made here in Britain.

Join the Planetware revolution and help us reduce single-use plastics, landfill waste and ocean litter. By choosing Planetware, you’re taking a simple yet impactful step towards a more sustainable future.


Water Cups: One Size Fits All

Planetware Water Cups are available in a 7oz size, perfect for refreshing sips. This size suits a variety of occasions, from a quick drink at the office to a convenient choice at your favourite coffee shop.

  • Only size – 7oz

Where Can I Buy Planetware Water Cups?

You can find our cups at Purple Planet Packaging.

Are PlanetwareCups Compostable?

Our cups are fully compostable, so you can enjoy your drink with a clear conscience knowing that you’re not negatively impacting the environment with your cup.

Are Planetware Cups Made In Britain?

All of our products are British-made, supporting local craftsmanship and reducing air miles in the process.

How To Dispose Of Your Cup?

When it's time to dispose of your water cup, you have options to ensure it's done responsibly:

Work, School, or Other - If cup collection bins aren’t readily available and you need some guidance, consult your local waste provider or find the nearest recycling point online.

Out And About - Cup collection bins can be found in many establishments, from offices to local businesses. There are also more than 5,000 paper cup recycling points UK-wide.

At Home - Take your Planetware cups to a cup collection point, recycle them, or compost them.

By choosing to recycle or compost, you're making a positive impact and supporting a more sustainable future.

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Stay hydrated and save the planet! Click here to buy your Planetware Water Cups now. For further questions or inquiries, you can also get in touch via phone or email using the details provided below.

Phone: 0800 061 4432